14 August 2017

News Story: Taliban Still A Threat To Helmand's Nawa District

By Karim Amini

Some residents of Nawa district – in the south of Lashkargah city in Helmand province – claimed that Taliban remains a threat to parts of the district.

TOLOnews reporters Karim Amini and Abdullah Hamim, who visited the district, said the center market in Nawa is closed and the residents are fleeing the area in search of safety.

The district was under the control of the Taliban for 10 months but it was retaken in a large-scale military operation by security forces three weeks ago.

The bazaar in the center of the district had few visitors in the first days when the area was cleared of Taliban but now the shops are closed and it is looking like a no-man’s land, residents said.

“Taliban have been pushed back from the district. You see it. But you also see that there is no one (in the bazaar) except military men,” said Gul Rahim, a resident of Nawa.

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