14 August 2017

News Story: Danish Says (Afghan) Govt Supports Public Uprising Forces

By Tamim Hamid

Mohammad Sarwar Danish, the Second Vice President, on Sunday said the National Unity Government (NUG) supports the public uprising forces in the country.

According to Danish, the insurgents mostly target the public uprising forces to intimidate the people from joining and supporting the Afghan security forces.

In reaction to the massacre in Mirza Olang valley in Sayyad district in Sar-e-Pul province, in which the uprising forces were the main target, government insists is will increase and expand of the public uprising forces.

“The Afghan government welcomes and supports the public uprising forces. We urge our people, especially the youth of every region not to just be witnesses but to cooperate with the national army and police forces and to stand with the public uprising forces (against the insurgents),” said Danish.

Meanwhile, in parts of the country, the commanders of public uprising units and local government officials emphasized the need for regulating of the public uprising forces.

The number of uprising forces in Khanabad district of Kunduz province has risen to a thousand armed men who have pushed back Taliban attacks on the district many times.

Khanabad local officials said in addition to insecurity, they are worried about not having control over this big number of armed men.

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