31 July 2017

News Story: MoD Assures To Retake Paktia’s Janikhail District Soon

By Karim Amini

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said on Friday that the Afghan forces are advancing in Janikhail district in Paktia province and that the district will be retaken from the Taliban in the near future.

The district was captured by the Taliban on Tuesday.

MoD deputy spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said security forces have cleared many roads leading to Janikhail during their military operation.

“About Janikhail, I can tell you that we have good achievements and we will clear the area of the enemy in the near future,” Radmanesh said.

An Afghan Commando spokesman Abdul Qayum Nuristani, said at least 59 Taliban fighters including four commanders of the group were killed and 45 others have been wounded in military operations in Ghor’s Taywara district in the country’s west.

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