31 July 2017

News Story: Kabul Hopes Next Pakistani Prime Minister Will Fight Terror

By Samim Faramarz

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Saturday said Afghanistan hopes that the next Pakistani prime minister would fight terror and take practical steps to remove terrorists’ safe havens in Pakistan.

Afghanistan wants friendly relations with Pakistan, the MoFA spokesman Shekib Mustaghni said, adding that Islamabad must take action against terrorists.

“We hope that Pakistan will take serious, honest and practical steps in the fight against terrorism and will uproot their (terrorists’) safe havens and training camps, and also remove their funding and equipping centers on the Pakistani soil,” Mustaghni told TOLOnews.

Afghan analysts said Islamabad’s policy towards Kabul would not change. The analysts said Pakistani military control’s Pakistan’s foreign policy – which will not allow the civilian government to amend its policy towards Kabul.

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