17 July 2017

News Story: Islamabad Asked To Change Its ‘Wrong Policies’ Toward Afghanistan

By Karim Amini

On the second day of the 4th Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue conference in Bamiyan, Bushra Gohar, the senior vice-president of Pakistan’s Awami National Party, said that insurgency would harm Pakistan if Islamabad did not change its “negative policies” towards Afghanistan.

She said Pakistan has always vowed to help secure peace and stability in Afghanistan, but added that Islamabad has not delivered on its promises in this respect. 

According to her, Pakistan’s wrong policy is the main reason which divides Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Same as (a Pakistani leader Khan Abdul) Wali Khan says if we throw stones to other houses we will not receive flowers in return. If we let our soil to be used by insurgent groups among whom there is no good (terrorists) and bad (terrorists), they will use our soil (for their own interests),” she said.

She said peace with the Taliban would mean giving legitimacy to the group.

“They (Taliban) do not deserve to be talked to; they are those whose hands are red with the blood of innocent people. They (the Taliban) must be isolated,” she said in a response to question by TOLOnews reporter about talks with the Taliban.

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