17 July 2017

News Story: Foreign Troops Will Eliminate All Local Daesh Leaders - Nicholson

By Shabeer Ahmadi

General John Nicholson, Commander of U.S and NATO forces in Afghanistan said Saturday they have killed three Afghanistan Daesh leaders so far and if the group appoints a fourth one he will also be eliminated.

Nicholson's remarks came after the Pentagon said late Friday in an statement that Afghanistan’s Daesh leader Abu Sayed had been killed in a U.S drone strike in Kunar province earlier in the week.

Abu Sayed was the third leader of Afghanistan’s Daesh. Before him, Hafiz Sayed and then his successor Abdul Hasib were also killed by Afghan and foreign forces.

Abu Sayed was appointed as Daesh leader in Afghanistan just over three months ago.

“When the fourth ISIS-K Emir is named, we will kill him too. And so we will keep killing the leaders of ISIS until they are gone,” said Nicholson.

According to Nicholson, most Daesh fighters in Afghanistan are foreigners. He said they had to be eliminated. 

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