03 June 2017

News Story: First Steel Cut for Australian Icebreaker

Damen has cut first steel on Australia's Antarctic supply research vessel at its yard in Galati, Romania. 

Damen is constructing the vessel for Serco Defence, a wholly owned subsidiary of Serco Australia who, in turn, signed a contract with the Australian Government last year for the delivery, operation and maintenance of the vessel.

The 160-meter (525-foot) vessel will perform numerous tasks for the Australian Antarctic Division. The new vessel is a multi-mission ship designed to sustain Australia's geographically dispersed stations, support helicopter operations, sustain shore parties on remote islands, map the seafloor and undertake a variety of scientific activities across the Southern Ocean.

To fulfil these diverse roles, the vessel boasts considerable cargo capacity: up to 96 TEUs below decks and 14 TEUs and six 10-foot containers on the aft deck, as well as more above the helicopter hanger and in front of the helideck. 

This represents a substantial increase in container carrying capacity from the Australian Antarctic Division's current vessel, the Aurora Australis, which can transport a total 19 containers. In practical terms, this means that the vessel will be able to resupply two stations in one voyage.

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