22 June 2017

News Story: Australia tests combat recon vehicles

Rheinmetall Boxer CRV for LAND 400 Phase 2
by Richard Tomkins

Rival armored vehicles in competition for Australia's LAND 400 Phase 2 program are undergoing test and evaluation assessment, Australian officials said in a press release.

The Australian program for a next-generation combat reconnaissance vehicle will eventually see 225 vehicles procured by the Australian military for a total purchase price of more than $3 billion.

BAE Systems-Patria AMV35 for LAND 400 Phase 2
"The Rheinmetall Boxer CRV and the BAE Systems Australia Patria AMV35 are armored fighting vehicles with vastly improved firepower, protection and mobility than our current fleet," said Australian Minister for Defense Industry Christopher Pyne, who recently witnessed live-fire testing.

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