28 September 2017

News Story: At Least One Civilian Killed In Ongoing Rocket Attack In Kabul

At least one civilian has been killed and four wounded in a string of rocket attacks on the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul city center on Wednesday.

The attack started shortly after 11am (27-Sep-2017) and at least two explosions were heard at about 2.30pm followed by a much bigger one about 15 minutes.

Reports indicated that anywhere between 30 and 40 explosions had been heard in the vicinity over a three hour period.

Airport officials have said all flights into Kabul have been diverted and flights out of the city have been cancelled until further notice.

However, the officials said no damage has been caused to the runway but that it is being cleared of shrapnel.

The ministry of interior confirmed that at least one civilian has been killed.

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