08 August 2017

News Story: Taliban Still Active In Suburbs Of Kunduz City

A Map of Kunduz city (Click Image to Enlarge)
By Sharif Amiri

Security officials on Sunday told TOLOnews that the Taliban still have safe places in suburbs of Kunduz city and they present a continued threat to the security of the city.

According to the military officials, despite claiming Kunduz city as being secure, the Taliban has not been eradicated completely and that their presence outside of the city remains to threaten peoples’ lives.

The security forces say military operations are ongoing and Taliban have been cleared of many villages, but the group is still active in areas on the outskirts of the city. 

“Military operations are going well and the security forces have had advances and have cleared some villages of insurgents. The Taliban has suffered lots of casualties,” said Mirwais, commander of Afghan Public Protection force battalion in Kunduz.

“Taliban are in outskirts of Kunduz city and they threaten the security of parts of Qasaban village. They also have base in Hazrat-e-Sultan area,” Nasir Ahmad, a soldier said.

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