11 August 2017

News Story: Janikhil District of Paktia Again Falls To Taliban

Taliban insurgents have again taken the Janikhil district of eastern Paktia province after heavy clashes with security forces late Wednesday, a security source has told TOLOnews.

The Taliban insurgents again attacked the district on Tuesday and clashed with security forces. “The district fell into hands of the Taliban on Wednesday night as the security forces retreated from the area,” the source said.

“The security forces asked for air support during the clashes, but did not receive a response and retreated from the district as a result,” the source added.

There are no reports of casualties as yet, officials said.

Janikhil also fell to the Taliban insurgents two weeks ago, but the security forces retook control of the district on Friday. Now the district is once again in the hands of the Talban.

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