07 August 2017

News Story: FA-50 jets back in harness in Marawi

Philippine Air Force (PAF) FA-50 fighter aircraft
By Michael Punongbayan

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Air Force’s FA-50 fighter jets, which had been grounded following a “friendly fire” incident that killed two soldiers on the ground in Marawi, are now back in action conducting new air strikes against members of the Maute terror group in the war-torn city.

Armed Forces of the Philippines Public Affairs Office chief Col. Edgard Arevalo said the planes are back in harness again by the military.

Last month, the military stopped FA-50 flights after two soldiers were killed in an air strike accident that also wounded some government troops.

As part of standard operating procedure, the fighter jets were grounded to give way to the investigation to determine the cause of the friendly fire incident.

“Based on initial investigation, no fault was found on the part of the aircraft and pilots,” Arevalo said.

He noted that there would be adjustments in some of the techniques, tactics and procedures concerning air strikes to prevent similar accidents.

Arevalo, however, stressed that he cannot reveal what changes or adjustments will be made but gave assurance that the FA-50s are safe.

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