11 August 2017

News Story: Australia will join the conflict if North Korea attacks the US - Malcolm Turnbull

Fergus Hunter

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared Australia would invoke the ANZUS security treaty for only the second time in its history in response to any attack by North Korea against the United States.

Mr Turnbull also pushed back against calls - including from former prime ministers Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd - for Australia to develop a missile defence shield to protect the mainland from the threat of North Korea's nuclear weapons and long-range missile program.

The Prime Minister's commitment to assist the US caps off days of escalating tensions, with US President Donald Trump threatening to unleash "fire and fury" on the rogue state and the North Korean regime warning it would attack the US Pacific territory of Guam.

"The United States has no stronger ally than Australia. We have an ANZUS agreement and if there is an attack on Australia or the United States...each of us will come to the other's aid," Mr Turnbull told Melbourne radio station 3AW.

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PacificSentinel: I don't know who's giving the PM missile defense advice, but he/she needs to do some more work on the subject, no Australia doesn't need THAAD, we should however deploy Aegis Ashore, at least to protect the 3 state capitals on the east coast, as they are the biggest cities, they are the most likely targets in the country.