02 August 2017

News Story: Abdullah Visits Ghor’s Taywara Following Taliban Takeover

By Jawed Ziaratjayee

CEO Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said that the Afghan security forces have successfully foiled an attempt by the Taliban to establish a supply corridor from the southern province of Helmand towards the northern regions of the country. 

The Taliban planned to destabilize the north by using the corridor, said Abdullah on Monday during a trip to Ghor province, a week after the Taliban infiltrated Taywara district. 

“In-fact the enemy was planning to open a corridor from Helmand to the mountains of Faryab and Sar-e-Pul provinces, but you (Afghan security forces) foiled their plan,” said Abdullah. 

Meanwhile, a number of residents in Ghor have said that security lapses caused the collapse of Taywara district to the Taliban. 

“Remember that you (government) came to help very late, the government took action very late, whenever you (government) take a decision, you act upon its commitment very late,” said Kamaluddin Mawdudi, head of Ghor peace council. 

“Your criticism makes sense, we sustained major casualties as a result of the collapse of the district, our people sustained casualties and this created major problems for us,” replied Abdullah to a comment by a resident of Ghor. 

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