10 August 2017

News Report: China to Offer Radar, Rocket Launchers to Malaysia

China will offer Malaysia a radar system, as well as multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), in order to stress cooperation and trade ties that exist between the two nations, local media reported Wednesday.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — According to The Malaysian Insight news website, the Chinese delegation headed by the country's President Xi Jinping will make "a low-interest [rate] offer" to purchase the AR3 MLRS and an advanced radar system.

The media outlet added that the systems were expected to be deployed in southwestern Malaysian state of Johor.

In recent years, Kuala Lumpur and Beijing make a number of steps to enhance cooperation in military sphere, for example in April, Malaysia signed a contract with China on purchase of four littoral mission ships.

This story first appeared on Sputnik & is reposted here with permission.