12 July 2017

News Story: U.S. senator - Trump fails to use G20 to enlist global support to pressure China to rein in N. Korea

WASHINGTON, July 10 (Yonhap) -- U.S. President Donald Trump failed to use last week's G20 summit to enlist support from world leaders for his efforts to pressure China to rein in North Korea, a U.S. senator said Monday.

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) made the remark in an interview with MSNBC after a declaration of the G20 summit made no mention of the North. He criticized that Trump's "America First" foreign policy is "increasingly turning out to mean America alone."

"I'll remind you that President Trump's strategy for how to confront North Korea's aggressive nuclear weapons program, one of our top national security challenges, is to try to organize world pressure on China, to get China to put pressure on North Korea," the senator said.

"If that's the goal, then the outcome of many of the meetings and interactions that President Trump had with the G-20 did not advance that goal at all," he said.

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