05 July 2017

News Story: U.S. military identifies N.K. missile as intermediate range

Pukguksong-2 Ballistic Missile test launch (File Photo)
WASHINGTON, July 4 (Yonhap) -- The U.S. Pacific Command has determined that North Korea's latest missile launch was an intermediate-range ballistic missile test.

"The U.S. Pacific Command detected and tracked what we assess was a North Korean missile launch at 2:40 p.m. Hawaii time July 3. The single launch of a land-based, intermediate range ballistic missile occurred near the Panghyon Airfield," the command said in a statement.

"The missile was tracked for 37 minutes and landed" in the East Sea (Sea of Japan), it said.

The command said it's working closely with its interagency partners to reach a more detailed assessment.

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