13 July 2017

News Story: Trump To Unveil War Strategy Only After Review Completed

U.S President Donald Trump will unveil his strategy for the war in Afghanistan once the review process has been completed, but there is no time frame for when that will happen, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a press conference on Tuesday.

This comes after Trump put the Department of Defense in charge of developing a new military strategy for the U.S in Afghanistan.

Asked whether the mid-July deadline to announce the strategy still stood, Sanders said: "I know that the plan is to roll that [strategy] out after there's been a full review process, and I don’t have anything beyond that at this point," Sanders told reporters. "I know they’d like to do that soon," she added. 

Sanders was asked by one reporter whether there was any truth in a memo from U.S National Security Advisor H.R McMaster that there would be no troop increase and that numbers would be capped at 3,900. 

Her answer to this was: “I'm not aware of that specific memo, but I will check into the details of that and circle back.”

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