27 July 2017

News Story: Taliban Seize 3 Districts In 4 Days Amid Fresh Spate of Violence

By Karim Amini

The resurgent Taliban on Tuesday infiltrated Paktia’s Janikhail district as battles between the Afghan security forces and the militant group rage across multiple fronts in the country.

This also comes after the group’s deadly attack on Monday that killed over 36 civilians in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. 

The collapse of Janikhail marks the third consecutive victory by the militants in just four days. 

Over the weekend, the Taliban launched major offensives on Taiwara district in Ghor and Kohistan district in Faryab province in the country’s west and northern parts respectively – seizing control of the strategic towns. 

Defense Ministry Blames Pakistan 

“Pressure has been mounted on the Pakistani government from the international community particularly from the U.S side. Pakistan has persuaded all armed opponents to come to Afghanistan and increase their attacks,” Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said.

But, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has rejected claims about the collapse of Janikhail to the Taliban. 

Janikhail which is 150 kilometers from the provincial capital Gardez City shares a border with Pakistan’s Kurram Agency and Parachinar region – two tribal regions across the Durand Line.

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