04 July 2017

News Story: NDS Also Had ‘Credible Intel’ Ahead Of The May 31 Bombing

By Sayed Sharif Amiri

The head of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency - the National Directorate of Security (NDS) - Massoum Stanekzai said on Sunday that his department had also received credible intelligence ahead of the May 31 truck bombing in Kabul city but that it was not their job alone to thwart such threats.  

This comes after Deutsche Welle (DW) reported on Friday that the Germany embassy had known about the plan to detonate a truck bomb against their facility in the city ahead of the attack.  

Just six days before the May 31 truck bombing, Germany was reportedly warned of the imminent attack.  

According to DW, the German Foreign Ministry confirmed on Friday that Germany’s intelligence agencies knew there was a plan to bomb the Kabul embassy in the Green Zone. 

DW reported that security agencies had received warnings from multiple intelligence sources in the months leading up to the attack. As a result, a number of embassy staff had been evacuated from the building prior to the attack. 

Stanekzai meanwhile said that several people have been arrested in connection with the attack and security institutions are carrying out ongoing investigations.  

Meanwhile, a number of senators criticized security institutions for failing to foil such attacks in the country.

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