08 July 2017

News Story: Kunduz Sees Sharp Increase In ‘Targeted Shootings’

Kunduz city (Click Image to Enlarge)
By Hamid Shirzai

A number of Kunduz residents and provincial council members on Thursday said the security situation in the province has deteriorated substantially and that military personnel and civilians are being targeted mysteriously by unknown gunmen.  

Kunduz provincial council members said dozens of security force members along with civilians have been killed by in Kunduz city in recent months. 

“The figures show that at least 19 people have been killed in the (Kunduz) city alone. This is highly concerning. People are killed in areas close to the NDS office and the police headquarters. Police soldiers are also among those killed. This is a shame,” said Amruddin Wali, head of Kunduz provincial council. 

“Two people were killed on the Chahardara Road, two in the city center and one in the (greater) city. Also a bodyguard of the (police) chief was killed. These are murders. People are being threatened,” said Khosh Mohammad Nasr Tayar, a member of the council.

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