05 July 2017

News Story: German Envoy Says He Knew Only Of General Threat Ahead Of Bombing

By Gulabuddin Ghubar

The German Ambassador to Afghanistan denied reports by some German media outlets that he knew of the planned attack on his embassy in Kabul.   

Ambassador Walter Hassmann told TOLOnews that if he had been in possession of such information, all staff at the embassy would have been evacuated ahead of the incident.    
“If we had known about this attack, we would have both relocated and evacuated the embassy and would inform the neighborhood, we didn’t know about this attack, we knew that these bombs are out there, there is a constant stream of threats against us, against Afghan institutions we all know that, we try to be careful as we can, but we did not know about this attack coming in the morning,” said Hassman.   

The envoy said that what they knew was that there was a common threat out against all the foreign and government institutions in the region.   

“This cold blooded act of terror can not be justified either politically nor religiously. Germany will be true to her Afghan friends, we will continue our cooperation and will support the Afghan government under more and more difficult conditions and the safety and security conditions. But we are determined to reconstruct our embassy, we will remain there and we will be here to help our Afghan friends,” he said. 

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