21 July 2017

News Story: CEO Urges Restraint Amid Ongoing Political Tension

Afghan CEO Abdullah Abdullah
(Image: Wiki Commons)
By Samim Faramarz

CEO Abdullah Abdullah on Wednesday said that mudslinging in terms of political disagreements and provocative statements by politicians will only benefit the enemies of the country.

He called on these politicians to refrain from such antics and instead unite in order to avoid further crises. 

“If we come and dismantle the war whether it is because of the statements of government officials or those who are in opposition or outside the government including the political leaders of the country, if we confuse this front, then God forbid, it means that we are pouring water into into the enemies mill,” said Abdullah. 

Abdullah made the remarks during a ceremony in Kabul to rename Kabul’s Zanbaq Square – the scene of the May 31 truck bombing and subsequent shooting of five demonstrators. 

The name has been changed to Shaheed Mohammad Salem Ezedyar and Jawza Martyrs of Kabul City Square. 

Salem Ezedyar was one of five people killed during a protest two days after the truck bombing. 

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