21 July 2017

News Story: Afghan fighting intensifies as Taliban step up activities

KABUL, July 20, (Xinhua) -- Taliban militants who have been fighting the government to regain power have intensified activities as the armed group has engaged security forces in several provinces.

The militants in their latest waves of targeting government interests, launched massive offensive against government troops in Gereshk district of the southern Helmand province Thursday morning.

Kicking off with suicide bombings, the Taliban fighters detonated three explosive-laden vehicles next to security checkpoints in the besieged Gereshk district at 05:00 a.m. local time this morning, killing six police officers and injuring five others.

The attack that has been repulsed after hours of fighting, according to Omar Zawak, the spokesman for Helmand provincial government, had also left several militants dead and injured.

Mohammad Ismael Khapalwak, the police chief of Gereshk district, has also confirmed Taliban attack, but noted the security forces in Gereshk district are on high alert to deal with any eventuality.

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