01 June 2017

News Story: US, China could decide this week on North Korea sanctions

The United States and China are discussing next steps in response to North Korea's missile tests and could reach a decision on new sanctions this week, Washington's UN envoy Nikki Haley said Tuesday.

China is pushing Pyongyang through back channels to change its behavior and discussing with the United States the timing of a possible new sanctions resolution, Haley told reporters.

"It's about at what point do we do the resolution... at what test model do we say now is the time to go forward," she said.

"We do think they are trying to counter what is happening now and they have the lay of the land," Haley said of the Chinese government.

"We are going to keep the pressure on China but we will continue to work with them ... and I think we will decide this week on what that looks like."

North Korea has carried out three missile tests in less than three weeks, defying UN warnings that it faces new sanctions.

On Monday, Pyongyang test-fired a short-range missile that fell provocatively close to Japan.

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