16 June 2017

News Story: S. Korea condemns Japan's order to report maps with Dokdo markings

SEOUL, June 15 (Yonhap) -- South Korea condemned Thursday the Japanese government's recent order to its foreign missions to report maps with markings of Dokdo, the Korean name of the islets to which the country lays territorial claim.

Japan's Kyodo News reported last week that the government posted messages on the websites of its 70-something overseas diplomatic missions, urging readers to report to the embassies if they see any maps or publications in which the islets are named Dokdo or its surrounding waters as the East Sea, the Korean name of the waters between South Korea and Japan.

It is part of Japan's repeated territorial claim to the South Korean islets as well as a move to fight South Korea's diplomatic efforts to have the East Sea internationally recognized as the official name of the sea called the Sea of Japan by Tokyo.

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PacificSentinel: The South Koreans aren't going to get anywhere with the "East Sea" name, Vietnam calls the "South China Sea" by the same name "East Sea" there can't be two sea's of the same name in different parts of the same region, it would create to much confusion.