01 June 2017

News Story: Philippine military to send more troops to Marawi

Philippine Air Force SF-260 TP light attack aircraft
(Image: Wiki Commons)
MANILA, May 31 (Xinhua) -- More elite troops will be flown to the besieged Marawi City in the southern Philippines to flush out 30 to 40 militants of Maute group who are holed up in some parts of the city, Philippine authorities said on Wednesday.

Using attack helicopters and light aircraft, the military on Wednesday are continuing to battle with the remaining militants.

"The sounds of the rocket airstrike are like thunder. After the airstrike, we saw a large flume of smoke hanging over the target area," said Xinhua photographer in Marawi City.

Some residents are forced out of their houses by the soldiers who kicked in their doors, the photographer said.

"Some residents carry white flags as they walk on the streets with their belongings on their back,"the photographer said.

The target of the ongoing military clearing operations is to flush out the remaining 30 to 40 militants of Maute group who are believed to be in the city.

Security measures have been intensified to prevent the militants from escaping, army spokesman Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera said.

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