23 June 2017

News Story: Pakistan Opens Illegal Trade Crossing Into Afghanistan - MoCI

By Zabihullah Jahanmal

The Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MoCI) on Wednesday said Pakistan has been trying to open illegal transit routes with Afghanistan in an attempt to boost its declining trade with the country.

According to MoCI, the opening of a new crossing by Pakistan along the Durand Line into Koram Agency is an attempt to pave the way for illegal trade between the two countries.

But the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) said Pakistan is trying to retain trade volume on the local market by opening an illegal trade route.    

This comes two days after President Ashraf Ghani said at the official inauguration of the new air cargo route between Afghanistan and India that people who create problems for Afghanistan should know that the people take these issues and turn them into opportunities.

Ghani said not only will this new import/export route increase the income of farmers and traders in Afghanistan but it will create more employment opportunities, decrease poverty and deepen Afghanistan-India relations.

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