01 June 2017

News Story: McCain Calls for Australia's Allegiance

Sen. John McCain
(Image: Wiki Commons)
U.S. Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, asked an audience in Australia: Why are we allies?

“The answer transcends narrow materialism,” he said. “The animating purpose of our alliance is that we are free societies, founded by immigrants and pioneers, who put our faith in the rule of law and who believe that our destinies are inseparable from the character of the broader world order.

“We believe that when the strong trample the rights and independence of the weak with impunity, then our liberty and our sovereignty are at risk.

“We believe that when all peoples cannot sail the seas, and fly the skies, and engage in commerce freely, then our prosperity will suffer.

“We believe that when the balance of power in the world favors those bent on injustice, and aggression, and conquest, then the peace we cherish will not last.

“These are values that time does not diminish. These are ideas that truly are worth the fighting for. This is why we are allies—and why we must remain so.”

McCain was speaking at the State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia on Tuesday at the invitation of the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

He said he understood that many are questioning whether America is still committed to these values. “Other American allies have similar doubts these days. And this is understandable.

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