10 June 2017

News Story: LDP gives gov't plan to protect public from N. Korea missiles

TOKYO (Kyodo) -- The Liberal Democratic Party gave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a proposal Thursday to change the way the government protects Japanese nationals -- both those at home and those living in South Korea -- in the event of ballistic missile launches by North Korea.

The LDP plan calls on the government to work more closely with airlines and shipping companies to plan for a potential evacuation of Japanese nationals living in or visiting South Korea.

It also calls for new shelters to be built in Japan, and to carry out evacuation drills making use of underground facilities in densely populated areas.

The plan also proposes that the government set up a television advertising campaign to let the public know what to do in the event of the launch of a missile that could threaten Japanese territory.

Abe, who is also the ruling party's president, said the government will handle the proposal "thoroughly."

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