29 June 2017

News Story: Dunford Visits Kabul As U.S Prepares To Announce New Strategy

General Joseph Dunford (Image: Wiki Commons)
By Samim Faramarz

General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S army, arrived in Kabul on Monday and is expected to carry out a final assessment on the security situation in Afghanistan in order to finalize the U.S’s new military strategy for Afghanistan. 

According to U.S media reports, Dunford is set to meet with Afghan officials and with the U.S and NATO commanders. His visit to Kabul is said to be the last step in the U.S’s assessment process ahead of an expected announcement next month on troop levels in Afghanistan. 

Meanwhile, reports indicate that U.S Defense Secretary James Mattis is scheduled to go to Belgium at the end of this week to discuss the issue of sending in more troops to Afghanistan. 

He will meet with NATO allies to discuss the issue, reports say. 

“Gen. Dunford arrives in Afghanistan to meet with Afghan partners and get an up close look at some of RS train, advise and assist efforts,” NATO’s Resolute Support Mission tweeted. 

There are rumors that the U.S is expected to deploy few thousand more troops in Afghanistan.

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