27 June 2017

News Story: CPP - Did Duterte really order stop to offensives vs NPA?

New People's Army (NPA) Rebels
By Rosette Adel

MANILA, Philippines—  The Communist Party of the Philippines on Sunday slammed Malacañang and the government’s peace panel for issuing statements on a halt on offensive operations without showing President Rodrigo Duterte’s specific orders.

“In view of these Malacañang statements since yesterday (Saturday), the prejudicial question must be put forward and asked of the GRP (Government of the Republic of the Philippines)’s mouthpieces: Has GRP President Duterte ordered the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) to refrain from carrying out offensives against the NPA (New People's Army) since the June 18 statement of GRP Negotiating Panel Chief Silvestre Bello III declaring 'not undertaking offensive operations' against the NPA?”  the CPP asked.

“If Malacañang cannot show such specific orders by Duterte, then its spokesperson must better refrain from issuing statements which castigates the NPA for carrying out actions against the AFP’s all-out war,” it added.

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