17 May 2017

News Story: Wreckage of missing SDF aircraft found on Hokkaido mountain

Beechcraft Super King Air / LR-2 reconnaissance Aircraft
(Image: Wiki Commons)
TOKYO (Kyodo) -- The wreckage of a Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force aircraft which went missing the previous day with four male crew members aboard has been found in a mountainous area in southwestern Hokkaido, people involved in the search said Tuesday.

Some 1,800 people including Self-Defense Forces personnel, police and fire and rescue workers were involved in the search. The police and rescue workers found pieces of the aircraft scattered over a wide area around 3 kilometers from the peak of Mt. Hakamagoshi in the city of Hokuto. The Air Self-Defense Force also confirmed the wreckage.

Efforts are continuing to locate the four crewmembers.

The crash site is in a forest and some 14 km away from the city of Hokuto.

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