08 May 2017

News Story: U.S Looking At 'Adjustments' To Afghanistan's War Strategy

By Samim Faramarz

Theresa Whelan, acting assistant defense secretary for Special Operations of the United States (U.S) said in response to questions by the U.S Senate Committee on Armed Services that the Pentagon's proposal to send more troops to Afghanistan will be sent to President Donald Trump within the next week.

“We are actually actively looking at adjustments to the approach in Afghanistan right now. I expect that these proposals will go to the president within the next week,” she said.

Whelan said Afghanistan's war strategy is under review and its aim is to break the deadlock.

“The intent is to do just that to move beyond the stalemate and also to recognize that Afghanistan is a very important partner for the United States in a very tricky region and we want to maintain our partnership with Afghanistan,” Whelan added.

U.S army officials said the review of possible changes of the United States' military mission in Afghanistan will be finished in the near future.

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