30 May 2017

News Story: Taliban operations foiled in western Afghanistan - army commander

HERAT, Afghanistan, May 29 (Xinhua) -- Commander of 207th Zafar Army Corps in west Afghanistan, General Nasir Hedayat on Monday termed Taliban spring offensive as failed one and said that the security forces had defeated Taliban militants in the western region.

"The Taliban so-called annual spring offensive dubbed 'Mansoori' has been foiled as the armed group has failed to capture even one inch of territory in the western Herat and adjoining areas," General Hedayat said in his remarks at the graduation ceremony of 800 soldiers from a training course and their commissioning to the national army here.

Praising the morale of the security forces, the senior army commander noted that the Taliban militants would continue to suffer without any achievement in the western region of the country.

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