03 May 2017

News Story: Sayyaf Warns Insurgents Against Being Deceived

By Sharif Amiri

Former Jihadi leader and head of the Council of Protection and Stability of Afghanistan Abduf Rab Rasoul Sayyaf on Monday said at a gathering to mark the 25th anniversary of 8th of Saur that insurgents should not allow themselves to be deceived by their Muftis and that insurgents are not carrying out Jihad.  

Sayyaf said to insurgents that if suicide was allowed in Islam why then were there no Mufti suicide bombers?

Sayyaf said the real Jihad is by the security forces fighting insurgents and added that security forces are fighting slaves and strangers.

“I assure the security forces that they are on holy duty and fighting against slaves and the message for the opposition is if wearing suicide vests was (allowed in Islam) did any Mufti of the opposition wear the suicide vest and detonate himself?” Sayyaf said.

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