29 May 2017

News Story: Residents Report Increase In Taliban Activity In Kabul District

By Mir Abed Joyenda

A number of residents from Qara Bagh district of Kabul have said Taliban presence has increased in a number of villages in the district and that the insurgent group have been distributing flyers among residents.

TOLOnews reporter Mir Abed Joyenda visited Sabz Rang village of Qara Bagh district but found residents were mostly reluctant to speak on camera.

However some said the Taliban are active in the Qara Bagh district but come from the Sabz Rang village and other areas and instill fear in the locals.
“In the past there were no problems and security was good and people could walk around until 11 or 12 at night,” said Hamayoun, one local resident.

“Only Allah knows where they (Taliban) are from, but they are here,” said Abdul Jamil another resident.

But some residents said they are not aware of Taliban activities in the district.

“I live here but no one has ever disturbed me,” said Malang, one resident.

Sabz Rang village is in the Istalif district on the Kabul-North highway.

Residents however warned that the presence of Taliban in the area could pose a big threat to the highway.

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