26 May 2017

News Story: Police Chief Warns Taliban Cells Are On Outskirts Of Kabul

By Anisa Shaheed

Kabul police chief Hasan Shah Frogh said on Wednesday that small groups of Taliban insurgents are being deployed to areas on the outskirts of the capital to prepare for attacks. 
He said this makes it difficult for police to track their movements.  

In addition, these cells move into the city at night, Frogh added.

“A group of them were deployed in Musahi district, we went there and one of them was killed in battle, we also arrested another one and the man confessed they were living in house belonging to a man named Mawlawi, we seized their weapons, flag and explosives,” said Frogh.

Frogh’s comments come just days after the raid on a guesthouse in PD7 in which an Afghan guard and a German woman were killed and a Finnish woman was kidnapped. 

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