15 May 2017

News Story: No Decision Yet By Trump On Additional Troops - McMaster

Addressing a White House press briefing on Saturday night, the U.S President’s National Security Advisor H.R McMaster said that Donald Trump has not yet made a decision regarding the deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan.

McMaster said that Trump will have the opportunity to hear from allies during his upcoming foreign trip, which will include stops at the NATO summit and the gathering of G7 nations.

On the issue of additional troops, McMaster said: “The president has not made a decision yet on a course of action. What we have done which is what we have done in many cases on the North Korea problems for example, is we have consulted broadly across our government and with allies.

“The president wants to hear from our allies as well. This is a president who listens to its allies and partners who have an opportunity to do this at the NATO summit, who have an opportunity to do so at the G7 and so what we'll have at the end of this next few weeks here is an opportunity for a much more effective strategy for the problems set in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the region more broadly."

He said however that the U.S had engaged in “highly successful” operations in Afghanistan against Daesh in recent weeks.

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