30 May 2017

News Story: ANA Planning To Increase Night Raids On Taliban Strongholds

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Sunday said the Afghan National Army’s Commando Forces and the Afghan Air Force are preparing to broaden their military campaign against Taliban insurgents in a number of volatile regions of the country where insurgents have been trying to make footholds and gain grounds as part of their summer offensive. 

“We are planning plan to increase night raids including operations by the commando units and air attacks,” Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said. 

Meanwhile, a number of provincial officials have confirmed that the Afghan security forces backed by commandos and Air Force have surged their attacks against militants’ hideouts. 
This new development takes place at a time that over the recent months, the Taliban operatives have tried to infiltrate key towns in the east and north.

In Ghazni, the Afghan army managed to foil several offensives by the Taliban insurgents, said local officials. 

“In Waghaz district (in Ghazni), 36 militants were killed and 20 others were wounded,” said Ghazni governor Abdul Karim Mateen. 

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