16 September 2017

News Story: Moon says dialogue with N. Korea 'impossible'

SEOUL, Sept. 15 (Yonhap) -- President Moon Jae-in strongly condemned North Korea's latest missile launch on Friday, saying dialogue with the communist nation is "impossible in a situation like this" and warning that the South is capable of destroying the North "beyond recovery."

Moon made the remark during a National Security Council meeting he presided over after the North fired a ballistic missile over Japan again earlier in the day, just days after the U.N. Security Council imposed new sanctions for its sixth nuclear test.

"Flouting the international community's condemnations and warnings and the U.N. Security Council resolution, North Korea again fired a ballistic missile," Moon said at the start of the meeting. "I sternly condemn and express anger at this series of provocations by the North."

Moon said dialogue with the North is out of the question if Pyongyang engages in such provocative acts.

"Dialogue is impossible in a situation like this," Moon said. "International sanctions and pressure will further tighten to force North Korea to choose no other option but to step forward on the path to genuine dialogue."

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