29 September 2017

PacificSentinel: 30000th and last post

This is PacificSentinel’s 30000th and last post; Seven months ago I was promoted at work and have much less time on my hands, between work and this blog I’ve only had Sundays to do other things, and that’s just not enough time, so unfortunately, after a bit more than Six and a half years, the blog has to end.

This is a partial list of the Websites I’ve been using, just in case you want to continue reading them:

News Sites -

There are others, Defence Industry and Government websites, but there are far to many of those to list, the only other site of note is the Australian Think Tank ASPI whose "The Strategist" blog has been rather useful over the years.

Thanks for coming here all these years.

PacificSentinel, Over and Out!