20 September 2011

Philippines: Navy Prepares to Receive Philippine Made Ship

Director, Naval Public Affairs Office

Manila- The Philippine Navy (PN) is exerting efforts to finalize preparations in connection with the completion of a Philippine made naval vessel for use of Fleet-Marine operating forces as well as other AFP forces stationed all over the Philippines.

The acquisition of the Philippine-made Landing Craft Utility (LCU) will provide for a readily available watercraft for combat support missions such as logistics transport and amphibious operations. Movement requirements to be carried out will be readily dispatched as the vessel will cater to the AFP’s inter island and coastal operations in support to internal security operations. The LCU Acquisition Project is part of the CY2002 Revised Reprioritized Project List (RRPL) and it has an approved budget of Php 189M.

This vessel is primarily configured to transport combat personnel, tanks, vehicles, artillery equipment, and cargoes in support to military amphibious operations and secondarily, to perform non combatant evacuation, medical equation, disaster, rescue and relief operations and transport/logistic mission in support to national socio-economic projects of the government.

The ship’s characteristics are as follows:

Complement 15 Personnel/Crew
Length 51.43 M
Breadth 10.00 M
Depth 2.44 M
Draft 1.52 M
Displacement (Approx) 579 Tons
Speed 14 knots
Hull Construction Flat Bottom, Welded Steel
Passenger Capacity -200 sitting passengers
Cargo Space Area -About 250 m2
Weight of Cargo -Maximum of 110 tons

The ship is jointly constructed by PROPMECH Corporation of Manila for the engine and propulsion system and the Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works (PICMW) Inc. of Misamis Oriental for the hull and ship’s fixtures.