28 August 2017

News Story: Military Operation Launched To Clear Faizabad City Of Militants

By Nematullah Ahmadi

A large-scale military operation was launched to clear the outskirts of Faizabad City – in the northeastern Badakhshan province – of Taliban, local officials said on Friday.

The operation is focused on Faizabad’s three police districts – PD6, PD8 and PD9.

Two weeks ago, Taliban attacked a police outpost in the outskirts of Faizabad City.

“After clearing the Tagab district, we decided to launch a military operation in PD8 and PD9 with the help of forces stationed in Badakhshan. But we will need additional troops to clear Warduj and Yumgan districts,” Badakhshan governor Ahmad Faisal Begzad said.

Badakhshan Provincial Council welcomed the move, suggesting that more efforts should be done to fully clear the areas of the militants.

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