28 August 2017

News Story: Afghan Commanders Expect More Support Under New US Strategy

By Karim Amini

Afghan commanders and local government officials in insecure provinces expect a shift in the war on terror and further support for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) under the new US strategy on Afghanistan.

The military and civilian officials called on the United States to mobilize the Afghan security forces and meanwhile support the Air Force in the framework of the new policy.

“Under its new strategy, the United States should provide heavy weapons to the ANDSF and it should support the Afghan Air Force,” said Major Gen. Amanullah Mobin, Commander of 209 Shaheen Military Corps in Balkh.

“Based on the new strategy, the US should support the Afghan security forces including the Air Force. And in return, the Air Force should support the ground operations,” said Faisal Begzad, governor Badakhshan province, where militants are operating in the outskirts of the provincial capital Faizabad City.

US has 8,400 troops in Afghanistan who are engaged in training, advising and assisting Afghan forces. Under the new strategy, the US is expected to send in 3,900 extra troops to Afghanistan.

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