26 July 2017

News Story: (Philippines) No talks with Reds, but peace to be pursued

New People's Army (NPA) Rebels
By Alexis romero

MANILA, Philippines - President Duterte will no longer talk with communist rebels, but he vowed to pursue peace up to his last day in office and even beyond.

Duterte, in his State of the Nation Address yesterday, threatened to order soldiers and police to shoot the rebels if they continue their atrocities against government forces.

“You do anarchy, I will order soldiers and the police to shoot even if I have to bury thousands of Filipinos,” he said.

Duterte said the Left crossed the line when it seized housing units in Bulacan intended for uniformed personnel.

The President admitted that he is sometimes discouraged by the challenges to his administration, but he is not giving up on peace.

“Sometimes I am almost tempted to conclude that peace might not be able to come during our lifetime. But believe me, it will not be for want of trying,” he said.

“I will persist in our goal of attaining peace until the last day of this administration.”

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