26 June 2017

News Story: China, Afghanistan, Pakistan agree to maintain regional peace, stability

ISLAMABAD, June 25 (Xinhua) -- China, Afghanistan and Pakistan are all committed to maintaining regional peace and stability, enhancing regional connectivity and economic cooperation and promoting shared security and development, according to a trilateral joint statement released on Sunday.

The joint press release by the three countries came after Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's shuttle diplomacy in Afghanistan and Pakistan that concluded Sunday.

It said that both Pakistan and Afghanistan "are willing to improve relations with each other, strengthen political mutual trust, enhance cooperation in various fields including counter-terrorism, and jointly meet security challenges."

According to the statement, Afghanistan and Pakistan has agreed to establish a crisis management mechanism, which will include prevention through timely and effective intelligence and information sharing and other mutually agreed measures. "This would enable the two sides to maintain timely and effective communications in case of emergencies, including terrorist attacks," it said.

The three parties also agreed to establish the China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Foreign Ministers' dialogue mechanism to cooperate on issues of mutual interest, beginning with economic cooperation, said the paper.

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Story Quote: "Wang stressed that China never interferes in other's internal affairs, never imposes its will on others, nor does it get involved in geopolitical competitions"

PacificSentinel: Try telling that to the ASEAN claimants to the South China Sea, they'll laugh their ass off.