15 April 2017

News Story: No Civilians Killed In MOAB Bombing - Army Official

An Afghan army spokesman in Nangarhar, Jawed Saleem, told TOLOnews no civilians had been killed in Thursday night’s bombing against a Daesh stronghold in Nangarhar province.

The bomb, dropped by the U.S Forces, is the largest non-nuclear bombing by the United States.

Saleem said the bomb was dropped in Mohmand Dara village in Chin district in a area between two mountains where Daesh had carved out caves and tunnels for their stronghold.

According to him, there was only one civilian family living in the area and they were evacuated by security forces prior to the bombing.

He said there had been between 40 and 70 fully equipped Daesh fighters in their stronghold at the time of the bombing.

The Chief Executive of the National Unity Government, Abdullah Abdullah, also said on his twitter page that “many families had long been displaced from the area due to ISIS (Daesh) brutality. Government also took great care to avoid civilian harm”.

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