15 April 2017

News Story: MOAB Was Right Weapon For Right Target - U.S Commander

By Kathy Whitehead

Addressing a press conference in Kabul on Friday afternoon, U.S Forces-Afghanistan Commander General John Nicholson said Thursday night’s strike in Achin district in Nangarhar was part of their campaign to destroy Daesh in Afghanistan in 2017. 

He said the weapon used, the GBU-43, was designed to destroy caves and tunnels and that this had been the “right weapon against the right target.”

“I want to assure you that our forces took every possible precaution to prevent civilian casualties.”

“We have U.S Forces at the site and we see no evidence of civilian casualties nor have there been reports,” Nicholson said. 

He blasted Daesh for the atrocities they had carried out including suicide bombers attacking peaceful demonstrations, the killing and wounding of hundreds of people, and suicide attacks against mosques. 

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