14 April 2017

News Story: Military Operation Underway in Western Zone - (Afghan) MoD

By Jawed Ziaratjayee

The Ministry of Defense on Wednesday said that Afghan security forces have launched a new military operation in the western zone of the country aimed at eliminating insurgents.

Defense Minister Abdullah Habibi said security forces, mainly the army, which is backed by the air force, is hitting Taliban hideouts and that the operation will be expanded to the other regions in the country in the next few days.

He called on neighboring countries to stop backing the Taliban.

On Wednesday Habibi and a number of high-ranking Afghan National Army (ANA) generals visited the western province of Herat where they assessed the overall security situation in the province.

They said that security forces have launched their military operation, code named Khalid, in the west zone of the country.

Security officials said the operation will be expanded to other regions of the country in the coming days.

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